Thursday, April 27, 2006

PALAWAN: Paradigm of Culture and Environment

Earlier this year(2006), Miss Elenita M. Belgica of Voice Production had asked me(ROSOTRO) to direct and co-narrate a Documentary Film about Palawan Island of the Philippines. The Film is about how Palawan and its people are working together to preserve their Culture and Environment through Education, Discipline and Determination. (One will notice how clean the island is the moment you get off the plane). It was a gratifying experience for it had given me the realization that hand in hand, we can save our Mother Earth. Palawan is one of the cleanest islands in the World, with the most beautiful beaches and friendly people. See it for yourself!!

Palawan: Paradigm of Culture and Enironment will be shown this summer on Global CH channel in Montreal.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ROSOTRO Production Company is now accepting applicants for the Miss Earth CANADA 2006.

If you are a single female between the ages of 18 and 25, with the height of 5ft4(1.62cm) and above, with pleasing personality and would like to be a Spokeperson for Evironmental issues.
You must be a High School graduate, in good physical condition, has knowledge of Canada's Culture and Environment, has never worked as a Model that involve nudity and a Citizen of Canada.

For more information, please contact: ROSOTRO PRODUCTION COMPANY (514) 342-9080
Mrs. Norma Vohra (514) 695-3740/349-1942(cell) , Daphney Augustin (514) 802-0980(cell) Elenita Beligca (514) 258-9137

Miss Earth CANADA 2006

"Sumpa Kita" (Oil/acrylic on canvas) LOGO of Miss Earth CANADA by ROSOTRO

Welcome to the EarthCANADA blog, a temporary source of information regarding the Miss Earth CANADA. Please feel free to ask any question regarding our pageant. But, also, don't forget to ask yourself the question.." what good have I done to Mother Earth lately?"

Miss Earth CANADA 2005 Katie McClure (left) of Toronto, represented CANADA in the Miss Earth 2005 Competition in the Philippines. Awarded Miss Friendship and one of the Miss Talent Finalists. Great job, Kuting!! You made CANADA proud!

Miss McClure will be handing over her crown to her Successor on the final competition of Miss Earth CANADA 2006 which will take place in Montreal on the first weekend of September 2006.