Friday, May 19, 2006

Miss Earth CANADA 2005 Katie McClure in Las Pinas before the Miss Earth Competition

MEC 05, Katie McClure arrived in Ninoy Aquino lnternational Airport. Welcomed by ROSOTRO, Mrs. Gloria T. Guinto, an Airport Official and Ate Melinda. Mrs. Gloria T. Guinto (far left) hosts the Miss Earth CANADA in Las Pinas prior to the competition.

Mabuhay (Welcome) Dinner for Miss Earth CANADA. Perhaps. a little spicy, Kuting? With Mrs. Flordeliza T. Sanglay..

Paying a visit to His Excellency the Ambasador of Canada to the Philippines, Mr. Peter Sutherland. With ROSOTRO, Mrs. Gloria T. Guinto and Mr. Maximiano Guinto.

MEC 05 Katie McClure donating the money she had raised to the Kalinga Mission for Indeginous Children and Youth Development, Inc. Based in Kalinga Province, Philippines and headed by Mr.Donato Bayubay Bumacas.(With Mr. Maximiano and Mrs. Gloria T. Guinto).

FUN TIMES!!!Sing- along.. KARAOKE!!! Kuting with Ate Gloria.

ROSOTRO'S Angels?? Miss Earth CANADA 05, in her exquisite evening gown, having FUN with Janna and Ate Gloria(Mrs. Guinto).

Before registering for the Miss Earth Competition. Miss Earth CANADA 05 received a parting Gift from Mr. and Mrs. Guinto(Kuya Miseng and Ate Gloria). A Pearl Necklace!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Qualifications for Miss Earth CANADA 2006

Applications for Miss Earth CANADA 2006 is now OPEN!!
Here are the Qualifcations:
-18 to 26 years of age
-High School graduate
-with the height 5ft4 and above
-Single; was not married and has never given birth
-healthy, in good physical condition
-good moral character
-friendly, pleasant personality
-Citizen/Resident of CANADA
-has knowledge of Canada's Culure and Environment
-*has never done modelling that involves Nudity

For more info, e-mail

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Miss Earth CANADA 2003 Brooke Elizabeth Johnston of Saint Catherines, Ontario is the new Spokesperson for PETA, replacing fellow Cannuck Pamela Anderson. She now resides in London, England.

Miss Earth CANADA 2004 Tanya Beatriz Munizaga of Montreal won the Miss Talent Award in the Miss Earth 2004 in Manila, Philippines by singing Tina Turner's Proud Mary and receiving a standing ovation.

Miss Earth CANADA 2005 Katherine McClure of Toronto was also a Special Awardee in the Miss Earth 2005 competition in the Philippines. She was honored with Miss Earth Friendship award and one of the Miss Talent finalists.

For more information on how to become Miss Earth CANADA, contact us at

Monday, May 01, 2006

More Photos of Palawan: Paradigm of Culture and Environment

ROSOTRO, Ray and Anthony & Elle

All photos are property of ROSOTRO Production Company