Sunday, November 19, 2006

MAMA NORMA, I just want to say..THANK YOU!

My "Nanay", you have given me so much..inspiration, guidance, patience and understanding.. And I'm forever grateful! Take care always..
Mother Earth CANADA?


With reigning MEC'06 Riza Santos
with Amanda Pennekamp. Miss Earth USA
Finalists of Miss Earth CANADA, ROSOTRO, Amanda and stunning Mama Norma.

Alicia Altares, 2nd Runnerup Miss Earth CANADA 2004, ROSOTRO and Brooke Johnston MEC'03

Miss Earth FONTANA

Another Special Award, "Miss Earth Fontana", for our very own MEC'06, Riza Raquel Santos! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Miss Earth CANADA 2006 Riza Raquel Santos was chosen as one of the Finalists in the Talent competition. CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK!!
Miss Earth Talent will be announce on the Final Night of November 26.
*Miss Earth CANADA 2004 Tanya Munizaga was the Miss Earth Talent 2004 winner and Last year Miss Earth CANADA 2005 Katherine McClure was the 2nd place.
Singing Whitney Houston's hit " I have Nothing", Riza sang her heart out and was awarded by a thunderous applause.

Pictures courtesy of Jejeji Photography

A Real Media Darling!

"MEC 'o6 is WOWING the PRESS!"

Miss Earth CANADA 2006, Riza Raquel Santos on the cover of People's Journal.
(Thanks to Mark & Suzie de Leon)

Le Journal METRO du Montreal

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Every year, ROSOTRO Production encourages the Miss Earth CANADA winner to make a difference by using her title to raise funds to be donated to her choice of charity. This year Miss Earth CANADA 2006, Riza Raquel Santos is no exception. Ms. Santos has managed to raise funds that will help a young girl who needs to have facial constructive surgery.
We would like to thank the following for their generous support and donation:
Calgary Wildrose Lions Club

Young Once Seniors Association of Calgary (YOSAC)
Ms. Madeline P. Gonzales- Francisco (Professional Corporation)
Delfin T. Francisco(Professional Corporation)
Solid Industres (Mr. Ben and Lourdes Ang)
PRESAF (Mr. Rodolfo and Ester Vergara)
Paciencia Cana
Luisa Terte
Calgary Filipino Lions Club
Visminsa Charities Foundation
Dr. Rose Geonzon
Caring Roxas
Mr. & Mrs. Francis/ Elsie Guerrero
Mr & Mrs. Pepe/Lydia Siapno
Gus Baron
Bulacan Assciation of Calgary
Mr. & Mrs. Winnie & Rosemarie Gonzales
Trinidad Ashton
Sofia Ventura
Mr. & Mrs. Ruel & Dina Santos
A very very "Special Thanks" to Elvie Valeroso for her tireless effort and continuos support!
"Maraming- Maraming Salamat Po sa Kagandahan ng Inyong Puso at Kalooban!" Patnubayan po Sana Kayo ng Ating Panginoon". - ROSOTRO

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Miss Earh CANADA 2006 is one of the 15 Finalists in the Swimwear Category!!

One of the TOP 5 in her Group(II) and One of the 15 Finalists in the Swimwear Category. The winner of the Best in Swimwear will be announced on the Final Night (Nov. 26).
with Miss Brazill, Miss France, Miss Tanzania and Miss Paraguay. GROUP III: Miss Bolivia, Poland, Thailand,USA & Venezuela GROUP I: Guatemala, Pilipinas, St. Lucia, Tahiti & Ukraine

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"TIPANAN" a Celebration of Philippine Guitar!

After the Success of "Harana", Florante was back in Montreal for an Encore! This time with "Tipanan"
Ms.Elenita Belgica of VOICE Production presented the Concert at Lower Canada College. I was so fortunate to have been given the chance to sing some of my favorite Kundiman Songs with Florante.
"Ma-alaala Mo Kaya?" (Will you Remember?), "Minamahal Kita"(Loving You) and "Dahil Sa'Yo" (Because of You). Oh, I was thinking , If "Nanay" was alive, She would have love to hear me sing her favorite songs"

Florante Aguilar strummed the guitar with perfection. Watching his fingers with hypnotic movements was captivating.

Harana, a lovely Filipino tradition, where a man expresses his feelings to a woman he loves by singing to her (accompanied by a Guitarist).

Elenita, Moi et Florante.

Florante's "Harana" and "Tipanan" CDs
are available. Please contact Voice Productions at (514)481-3758

Monday, November 13, 2006

FLASHBACK!!! Miss Earth CANADA 2006 Competition

HIGHLIGHTS from the Miss Earth CANADA 2006 FINAL Competition
Openning Number "I feel the Earth Move!

ROSOTRO with co-host the former Tanya Beatriz Munizaga Miss Earth CANADA 2004 ( Miss Earth TALENT)
Swimwear presentation sponsored by UR Fashion wear (

"All that Jazz" performed by the Reigning Miss Earth CANADA 2005 Katherin McClure, Miss Earth Friendship '05 (with impromptu partricipation of yours truly!)
THE HOST with the MOST....SMILE!!

Special Awards, Evening Gown and Announcement of the Winners..

Picture request-- email me at

A Tribute to Our Friend, Our SPECIAL GUEST in the Miss Earth CANADA 2006 FINAL SHOW in MONTREAL

Miss Earth USA 2006, Amanda Pennekamp

Miss Earth CANADA and Miss Earth USA are " One" of the favorites in the Philippnes. Also, both has landed in the 15 Semi-Finalists of Swimwear Competition! The Winner will be announced on the Miss Earth Final (Nov. 26).

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Preliminary Evening
Gown competition..
Our very own Miss Earth CANADA 2006 was one of the favorites and was given a Special Award by one of the Sponsors
with PAWEE, a popular webmaster from MISSISOLOGY, who has given RIZA a thumb's UP!

Friday, November 10, 2006


For the past few days i have been feeling anxious..
I felt like a writer who has a stage play that started without him... And everybody is "raving" about it ... Im wanting so bad to be there and savour the accolades..
That is what was happenning in the Philippines right now with my Miss Earth CANADA 2006, Riza Raquel Santos.. Apparently, she is doing well in the competition. Filipinos adore her. I believe that they are proud of her, too, for being a Filipina repesenting CANADA and the fact that she is representing "both" well..
Honestly, I am already happy and proud that CANADA is well represented in the Miss Earth.... the rest will be 'icing on the cake"...
All the BEST, MEC'06... GOOD LUCK and ENJOY the experience!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

MISS EARTH CANADA 2006 is not your typical Beauty Queen....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Miss Earth CANADA 2006 and ROSOTRO

from KUYA!

Miss Earth 2006 Heat is ON!!

MISS EARTH 2006 competition has started..
Miss Earth CANADA 2006, Riza Raquel Santos is one of the favourites!!