Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trees are more important than most people think

Trees benefit our lives in many ways.
They provide products for building materials; provide food to eat (i.e., fruit and nuts); provide products for medicinal remedies; provide for visual enjoyment and emotional relaxation.
However, trees also provide an almost endless list of environmental benefits, some of which are very important for our survival and well-being.
No matter how many tress you can plant, you are making a difference. Each and every trees planted contributes to cleaner air; reduce energy consumption; protection of soil and water supplies and reduced noise levels.
Some of the ways that offer these benefits are as follows:
*AIR- Trees produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. Leaves on trees will filter out airborne pollutants and trap particles.
*SOIL- Although it takes time, decomposing leaves and needles provide nutrients for the soil. Strong tree roots hold soil in place thus reducing the chances of erosion and the associated sediments from entering water courses and bodies of water.
*WATER- Trees can help to slow water run-off, thereby reducing the chances of flooding and ensuring that ground-water supplies are contnually replenished.
*NOISE- trees can be very effective in reducing noise levels and intensity. In general, each 100-foot width of trees can absorb approximately 6-12 decibels of noise.
*ENERGY COST- Evergreen trees, properly planted in yards, will acts as a windbreaks and subsequently insulators for homes, both during the cold winter and hot summer seasons.
*AESTHETICS- Trees form an important part of any property landscaping plan, and beside adding variety, will also increase the property's value. Proper varieties of trees can also be planted to screen unsightly areas.
*SURVIVAL and ENJOYMENT- Trees are used by birds and small animals for protection from predators; nesting and food storage. We are often able to watch this throughout the year, thereby leading to a greater appreciation of nature and our environment.

THANKS to N.R. Sajatovic for this article.

NOW let's all hug a tree!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eCause at Miss Earth CANADA 2010

eCause Canada was one of the Official Sponsors of The Miss Earth Canada Pageant that took place in Montreal on August 28. Providing gifts for the eco conscious ladies and a workshop on the - The Top 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Benefit the Environment.
Thanks to Joyce Shanks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

ARBONNE at Miss Earth CANADA 2010

Arbonne is one of the major sponsors for Miss Earth CANADA 2010. Please visit their site at
Thanks to Lorianna Savignano and Annick Giguere