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''The Canadian Pageant Hall of Fame''

History and Information of the Canadian PageantHall of Fame

The 1970 Canadian Pageant Hall Of Fame organization is credited to the

Founder, President and CEO - Sir Herman Silver along with his wife Buallah.

They were married in Calgary AB, some 60 years ago. Presently residing

in Vancouver BC. In 1960, Sir Herman Silver won the Local Pageant

Regal Award for "Best Pageants Events", in fact also "The Circle of Friends Award".

This organization was created to honor indviduals whose services to the Pageant

Industries has been deemed to be extraordinary.

To name a few of his Associates supporter and Staff, they were:

-Judith Muir/TO, she was his Vice-President and Pageant Producer.

-Edouard Devon Delaney/TO, he was his Assistant Manager.

-Raymond Welford/BC, he was his Executive Director.

-Paul V. Godfry/TO, he was his Event Chairman and Councilor.

-Maevene Lahowy/BC, she was his Executive planning Director.

-Robert Dunn/BC, he was his Regional Executive Director.

-Roy Drayer/Sault-Ste-Marie, On, he was his Correspondence Assistant.

-Vance Ridges/PEI, he was his Event Coordinator and Community Leader.

Sir Herman Silver was affiliated with the Cleo Production Division and the

Warren Production Ltd until 1992. Every five (5) years, he had the support of

numerous Canadian Pageant Director members who supported him with the

nominations for the Canadian Pageants Hall Of Fame. The Gala Ceremony

was always in collaboration with a Local Pageant Event. Celebrating success

is one of the most exciting highlights of being in the Pageant industries.

The Canadian Pageant Hall Of Fame has provided a platform for dedicated

pageant individuals to be recognized for their outstanding and professional

accomplishments. It sanctioned various awards all related to commitments.

This Award is available to Female or Male, indeed to former and present

pageant directors, executive producers-directors, former pageant winners,

furthermore committee group members, pageant Judges, and last

but not least pageant Presidents and Vice-Presidents. Any of the above

who have planted a pageant involvement seed and made it flourish.

After 40 decades, I sincerely feel that this Award compliments a valuable

pageant recipient who has brought so many pageant communities together.

As a result, through her/his services, support and dedication. Thus, in 1970

with no Website available it remained an isolated Gala to several Communities.

The Canadian Pageant Hall Of Fame was celebrated in various Cities in Canada

only every five (5) years in conjunction with the Victory Party of a Local Pageant Event.

The CPHOF, most prestigious award was not a televised production.

The past Recipients of the Inaugural / The Canadian Pageant Hall of Fame Awards are:

*1970 / Quebec City -Lucien Wemil McKendry

Guests: Honorable Mayor Gilles-Claude Lamontagne

Canadian Politician Honorable Thomas J. Campbell

The CPHOF Gala was held at the Hotel Clarendon, Rue Ste-Anne, Quebec, City

*1975 / Winnipeg, Manitoba -Nicolas Volpini

Guests: CBC Radio Broadcaster Mr. R. Burton, TO.

Former Prime Minister of Canada PC, CH, QC, Honorable John Diefenbaker

Northern Ontario, Honorable Sudbury, On - Mayor Joe Fabbro

*1980 / Halifax, Nova Scotia -Andrea Susan Barkley

Guests: Honorable Mayor John Patrick Savage - 23rd Premier of NS.

A long time friend of Sir Herman Silver

Former Miss Canada 1953 / Kelona BC. - Kathleen Archibald

*1985 / Saskatoon, Sask. -Leo W. Mercier

Guests / Former Miss Canada 1962 - Nina Holden / Victoria, BC

Northern Ontario - Honorable Mayor Peter Wong - Sudbury, On.

Ansonville, On. Pageant Directors - Ms Rita Stack and Mr. Ron Bushaw

*1990 / Vancouver, BC -Lin Chan Yinho

Guests: Victoria BC - Honorable Thomas Alsbury

Canadian Fashion Designer / TO, Famous Claude St-Louis

Miss Canada National Pageant Coordinator / TO, Elaine Anisman

Canadian Scholarship Foundation Chairman / TO, Murray H. Robertson

*1995 / St-John, New Brunswick -Darcy La Tourneau-Roy

Guests: LGG-NB, Honorable Mayor Margaret Norrie

Former Lieutinant Governor Honorable Norman R. Augfustine NB

Former Pageant Director Gregory David Wry, Fredricton, NB

Executive Pageant Director and CPHOF Judge Kumari Sundaram, NB

*2000 / Edmonton, Alberta -Harry Bernstein

Guests: Former Cagary Mayor - Ralph Klein, he has a Park named after him.

A very special friend of Herman and his wife.

Former Miss Canada Chairlady and Fashion & Beauty Consultant

and CPHOF Nomination Certified Judge Ms. Judith Muir / TO.

Canadian Fashion Designer and CPHOF Judge Marylyn Brook / TO

*2005 / Southern Ontario, TO -Elaine Anisman

Consequently, The Award Ceremony was cancelled

However, acknowkedged at her funeral service

*2010 / Northern Ontario - The City of Gtreater Sudbury -Joan Jeanne Hart

The 2010 Award Ceremony was cancelled due,

to her Husband Frank Hart's health challenge.

Postpone to year 2011.

*2011 / We would like to introduce the Official Executive Producer for

the year 2011 Gala "The Canadian Pageant Hall Of Fame" in collaboration

with the "Miss Earth Canada Pageant 2011 annual event"

From Montreal QC.

Sir Ronaldo Soriano Trono / Rosotro Production Company

National Director - Miss Earth Canada Pageant 2011

Mrs Joan Jeanne Hart will be receiving her award on the Final presentation

of the Miss Earth CANADA 2011 Pageant that will take place on Friday, August 19th 6pm

at Holiday Inn Montreal Midtown, 420 Sherbrooke West.

Contact us for more Information: (514)342-9080

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mr. JOE PUGA to host the Miss Earth CANADA 2011 Pageant Show on Friday, August 19 6pm at Holiday Inn Montreal Midtown.

He is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry and has contributed over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry.
Born and raised in Montreal from Portuguese decent. He graduated from Champlain College, holding a DEC in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. He is presently celebrating 25 years in the Music Industry and has performed over 500 shows around the globe, including Japan. He has been the front man for several bands including his most popular one called “Fruit De la Passion”, which has earned him a gold record for the worldwide success of the song “Tic Tic Tac”. He has recorded four (4) albums in traditional international pop rhythms and sings in five (5) languages: English, French, Italian, and Portuguese & Spanish.

He is the founder and producer of the Portuguese Ice Capades, has produced the Miss Portugal Pageant, participated in local theater and has co-hosted at “Radio Centre Ville” and he is presently Director of Sales & Marketing at the Holiday Inn Montreal Midtown, and in 2009 was awarded the Mentor of the Year Award for Canada by the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Prior to this, he entered the fashion industry occupying the position of Regional Supervisor for the Young Manufacturer. His latest album “VIVA” was released last fall.
Miss Earth CANADA 2011 will take place on August 17-20 in Montreal. PRESS PRESENTATION on August 17, 5pm at Les Cours Mont Royal, 1455 Peel Street, Located between St. Catherine and De Maisonneuve streets. Preliminary Competition on Thursday, August 18 10am-3pm and Final Competition on Friday, August 19 at 6pm at Holiday Inn Midtown Montreal420 Sherbrooke West. For more INFO contact(514) 342-9080 or email or visit our website at or our blog at