Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ROSOTRO introduces Miss Earth CANADA 2011 Ashlea Moor

ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS is proud and happy to present the newly crowned Miss Earth CANADA 2011.
Ashlea Moor of Lethbridge, Alberta. She will be representing Canada at the Miss Earth Pageant in Thailand
on November 4.
Ashlea, a registered nurse, is dedicated to educating others about our environmental issues and
enthusiastically endorses the Miss Earth Canada mission statement.

Please visit her website and see what commitment to Mother Earth can mean for all of us.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MEC11 Candidate: Amanda Zoltan, 18, Montréal, Quebec

’We have to be more responsible about what we put into our Air. Industries have to be responsible and responsive to the consequences of their pollutants.

MEC11 Candidate: Ashlea Moor, 25, Lethbridge, Alberta

’I believe that an overall lack of knowledge and awareness concerning environmental issues and the current state of our planet is the most substantial problem facing our environment today. All ecological issues that we currently face are equally important and cumulatively combine to create the problems that we face. On the whole there is a general lack of perspective regarding environmental concerns and how we can grow and change as a society to mitigate them holistically’’.

MEC11 Candidate: Courtnee Anderson, 23, Vancouver, British Columbia

''Our society is becoming unhealthy in part due to the layout of the land. More green spaces need to be built within cities and more public transit is needed in between urban and rural areas. The Canadian government needs to put in place laws that prevent companies from refining chemicals and releasing them into the atmosphere''.

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MEC11 Candidate: Divine Uwikirezi, 25, Montréal, Québec

’Air Pollution and cars are one of the problems facing our environment. We should drive less, carpool and use the bus system. We should plant more trees in our surroundings as they can absorb dangerous chemicals that are pollutants which are bad for our health. We should minimize the use of our energy consumption’’.

MEC11 Candidate: Gillian Slade, 24, St. Johns’ Newfoundland

’Governments around the world need to be less worried about stepping on the toes of major corporations who contribute to air pollution and be more concerned in dealing out much stricter guidelines on the filtering and containment of pollution. Research and laws to promote more eco-friendly products that contribute to air pollution such as automobiles are a must in today's environment’’.

MEC11 Candidate: Gloria Aguilar, 19, Windsor, Ontario

We should do more recycling which will help reduce pollution. We need more participation in the recycling process to better our environment’’.