Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mandy Walters: Provincial Director for Miss Earth SASKATCHEWAN 2014

ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS and Miss Earth CANADA Organization is proud to welcome Miss Mandy Walters, our Provincial Director for Miss Earth Saskatchewan (2014).
Mandy Walters is from the town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Currently she also works as the West Coast Regional Director for Miss All Canadian Children's Pageants and coordinates the largest bridal showcase in Saskatchewan called you " You May Now Kiss The Bride" located in Saskatoon.
Since a young age she has been involved in fine arts from theatre plays to music including playing trombone for the Queen's visit on parliament hill when she was 18, Mandy has always been active in the talent community.
As well Mandy has been active in the pageant community for many years holding titles such as Ms. Petite Edmonton, Ms Southern Ontario and currently Ms. Canada Tourism.
Mandy is an active part in her community donating her time to charity events most recently volunteering for the "Camp out for Literacy" reading campaign to promoting reading to children as well as hosting at the local women's shelter in Saskatoon a " New Year's Party" for the women and children there during the holiday season.
Mandy is most proud of her two children and the accomplishments they are achieving.
Blade who competes in MMA, Jujitsu and Karate, boasting one of the highest ranking junior Martial Arts contenders in Saskatchewan. Her son also competes in Track making it to the Semi Finals this year and plays on the school Basketball team which is undefeated this season.
Her daughter Hayley is a competitive cheerleader, her cheer team won the Saskatoon Open Champions title of "Tiny Grand Champions" this year. Her daughter also dances since the age of two and has been dancing in her local studios recitals every year. Hayley also competes in pageants and has held various titles in Canada and the US, her most recent titles include " World's Most Gorgeous Little Miss" and " Little Miss Canada Tourism".
Miss Mandy is a positive role model to all who meet her and a joy to have on the Miss Earth Canada team.
We wish you all the best and success in your Miss Earth Saskatchewan 2014 Pageant!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Search is on for Miss Earth QUEBEC 2014!!

ARE YOU READY , QUÉBEC??? Application for Miss Earth Québec 2014 is now open. Contact me for details at (514) 342-9080 or email me at rosotro@sympatico.ca / earth.canada@gmail.com