Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty for A Cause Essay Winner: Abbey-Taylor Weber (Miss Earth Saskatchewan 2014)

This year, Each of the 16 Fianlists  were to write an essay on this topic:
'As one of the candidates for this year’s Miss Earth Canada 2014, what does ‘’Beauty for A Cause’’ mean to you and why it should be relevant?
TOP 7 were chosen by 4 judges: Brittney St Amant, Shelvie Marie Fernan, Marie Antonette Carbon, Olivia Awad, Kiki Chen, Cynthia Loewen and Abbey Taylor Weber.
The winner of the 'Beauty for a Cause' award, Abbey-Taylor Weber, impressed the judges and everyone with this meaningful piece which she presented during preliminary night. Thank you Abbey for your inspiring speech! 
'As Scott Westerfeld wrote, “What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful”, and in my mind, a thought more true has never been written. As a society we often forget that the most beautiful person in the room is seldom the person with the best hair, the most makeup, the smallest waist, or even the most refined features. As a contestant in Miss Earth Canada, I am always proud to share with people the meaning of the Miss Earth pageant: the axiomatic Beauty for a Cause principle around which the whole pageant is crafted. It is Beauty for a Cause which first drew me to this pageant, and the idea that the beauty of a person is not found only on their skin, that drives me forward.
I spent my childhood as the ugly duckling among my classmates, and it took me a long time to understand for myself that beauty is not solely found in the arrangement of features or the structure of bones or skin or muscle, but in the radiation of the confidence and power you find within yourself. Beauty surfaces in the way that you treat people who owe you nothing and to whom you have no debt; in the strength and peace you build within yourself; in the words that you speak when no one is listening; in the profundity of your thoughts; in the breadth of your knowledge; in the battles you fight and ideals you uphold and strive to protect. This is what makes the Miss Earth pageant system different and important- the idea that the beauty of a woman is not only defined by the esthetic of her body or the amount of glitter on her dress or the height of her heels, but by the far more substantial things that fill her body and her dress and her high heels. The Miss Earth pageant focuses on the intelligence, morals, personality and ideals of the individual women who enter the competition and the values and causes they stand for. This is what Beauty for a Cause means to me: strong, empowered women sharing the confidence, power, intelligence and conviction we have in our own selves and using it to do something positive by supporting the salvation of our precious Earth and striving to make a difference in the lives of others.
Why is this relevant? Why does Beauty for a Cause matter? The world we live in now is obsessed with size and appearance and perfection, and I think remembering the truth in beauty and the reasons we are beautiful is more important now than ever before in our collective human history. We are careening toward a future where young girls the world over will base their self-worth entirely on the features they see in the mirror, ignoring completely their talents, abilities and academic strengths. We are beginning to lose sight of the things that are truly beautiful- they are overshadowed by photo edited images and false expectations. It is all too easy to forget, too, that the definition of beauty pageant has long become outdated- pageants are no longer only celebrations of the physical, but are increasingly becoming champions of intelligence, mental acuity, charismatic speakers and gifted performers and writers. Pageants like the Miss Earth system and the principle of Beauty for a Cause are becoming more and more relevant to our society because they serve to remind us of the reasons we are all truly beautiful, every last person, wherever we are.
We are beautiful because we have validity and intelligence to support ourselves and our journeys in life.
We are beautiful because we use our creative outlets to evoke change and compassion in the people who surround us and in our communities.
We are beautiful because we take ownership of the stage every time our high heels hit its surface. We are beautiful because we are talented, each in our own way.
We are beautiful because we have the guts to express our thoughts and opinions.
We are beautiful because we are confident.
We are beautiful because we have a worthwhile cause dear to our heart that we are fighting to bring light and support to.
Being a beauty for a cause has never been more relevant to society, globally and as a whole, than it is now. As we stand here today, let us all remember the things that make each and every one of us beautiful, for all that we do and all that we are. This is what Beauty for a Cause means to me: remembering the true causes for beauty and celebrating them; rejoicing in our beautiful traits and striving for change. - Abbey-Taylor Weber

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Miss Earth CANADA 2014 is Cynthia Loewen!

ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS is proud to introduce the new Miss Earth CANADA of 2014: Miss Cynthia Loewen of La Salle, Ontario. Cynthia is 20 years old, stands 5ft8 and has Bachelors in Biological Science and French Studies. She is also an Outsatnding Scholar and Dean's list at the University of Windsor. She also won the Best in Swimwear, top 5 in evening gown, Top 6 in Beauty for a Cause Essay and Miss Talent; singing the song ''Think of Me'' from the musical Phantom of the Opera. Miss Cynthia Loewen will represents Canada at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant that will take place in the Orient.
Miss Earth CANADA 2014: Cynthia Loewen
Kathryn Kohut: First Runner Up (Miss Grand CANADA 2014),Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Amber Bernachi: Second Runner Up; Amhestburg, Ontario
Kiki Chen: Third Runner Up, Edmonton, Alberta
Brittney St. Amant: Fourth Runner Up, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Beauty for A Cause: Abbey-Taylor Weber
Miss Talent : Cynthia Loewen (2. Dasol Lee, 3. Marie Antonette Carbon)
Miss Congeniality: Jenna Nicholson
Miss Photogenic: Sarah Donia Cherif
Best in Evening Gown: Kathryn Kohut
(Top 5: Amber Bernachi, Abbey Taylor Weber, Kiki Chen, Cynthia Loewen)
Best in Swimwear: Cynthia Loewen
(Top 5: Amber Bernachi, Kathryn Kohut, Kayle Christine Shallow, Shelvie Marie Fernan)
CONGRATULATIONS to All the Winners!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Earth Angels: Miss Earth CANADA 2014 Candidates

''Earth Angels''- Miss Earth CANADA 2014 candidates; Saving Mother Earth!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

SYMPHONY CHARTER BUS- sponsor of Miss Earth CANADA 2014

   Thank you to Mr. Michael Bradley of Symphony Charter Bus Inc./ Autobus Nolisés Symphony Inc.
190G Boul. Industriel (Central Sales office / Dept. des Ventes) Châteauguay, QC  J6J 4Z

ROSOTRO Productions and Miss Earth CANADA's Friend: Mr. Danny Lioi

ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS and Miss Earth CANADA Organization would like to give a sincère heartfelt thanks to Mr. Danny Lioi for his generous and kind collaboration. We are sincerely grateful for your endless effort and interest in making our Miss Earth CANADA 2014 event successful.
Thank you as well for the wonderful welcoming dinner that you will be hsting for the candidates and guests.
We are looking forward to more years of collaboration with you.
All the very best to you, Mr. Danny Lioi.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


COMING SOON! One of these lovely awesome ladies will be crowned Miss Earth CANADA of 2014.......... also to be crowned.... Miss Grand CANADA 2014.. Good luck Girls!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Beautiz for Miss Earth CANADA 2014- Thanks!

The Winners and Runners up of Miss Earth CANADA 2014 will receive gifts from Beautiz courtesy of Laurie Samaha Castaing. We thank you for your generousity!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Miss Earth CANADA 2014 Pageant! COMING VERY SOON!

The 12th Edition of Miss Earth CANADA 2014 Pageant is coming very soon.
Reserve your tickets now!
Preliminary ($30) is on Friday, August 22 starting at 1pm and Final ($75) is on Saturday, August 23 at 6pm and includes cocktail, Buffet Dinner and Victory Party.
Watch and witness as the young and lovely candidates from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia,  Québec, Saskatchewan compete for the title of Miss Earth CANADA 2014 and represent CANADA at the Miss Earth 2-14 Pageant that will take place on November in Manila, The Philippines.
This year we will also crown Miss Grand Canada 2014 and she will representCanada at the Miss Grand International 2014 Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand in October.
The Miss Earth CANADA 2014 Pageant will take place in Travelodge Hotel Montréal Airport"
For Info contact ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS at (514) 342-9080 or email