Tuesday, December 20, 2016

VISMINSA Foundation to produce their second Miss Earth ALBERTA 2017 Pageant

ROSOTRO's Special Announcement
The Province of ALBERTA is getting Ready! :D
Selections for Alberta residents for Miss Earth ALBERTA 2017 and to become candidates for Miss Earth CANADA 2017 is underway! For information, please contact Rex Elumir at rexelumir@shaw.ca / visminsa@gmail.com or call (403) 836-0170
You can also contact ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS at (514) 342-9080 or earth.canada@gmail.com / rosotro@sympatico.ca

Monday, December 19, 2016

LUNIJO Production Corporation to produce Miss Earth ONTARIO 2017

ROSOTRO PRODUCTIONS and Miss Earth CANADA is proud to announce that LUNIJO PRODUCTION CORPORATION will produce the Miss Earth ONTARIO 2017 Pageant on June 2017 in Toronto. Winners and finalists will compete at the Miss Earth CANADA 2017 Pageant that will take place in Montreal on August 2017. LUNIJO Production Corporation directors for Miss Earth Ontario 2017 are Luisito Trinidad, Jonathan De Leon and Grace Pinlac. For more information, please visit WWW. LUNIJO.COM or email lunijopc@gmail.com. You can also contact ROSOTRO at (514) 342-9080 or email me at earth.canada@gmail.com