Friday, September 08, 2017

ECO Message from MEC17 Jacqueline Marsh

Line drying laundry conserves energy and depletion of fossil fuels. 
Air-drying clothes can reduce the average home’s carbon footprint by about 2400 pounds a year!
In the summer months, there is no excuse not to let your linen dry the natural way!
It is more environmentally friendly and gives your clothes a fresh smell

Gardening with MEC17 Jacqueline Marsh

To Plant A Garden is To Believe in Tomorrow''
Gardening your own fruits and vegetables help the planet for a variety of reasons. The first reason being that commercial production of crops produces large amounts of pollutions and releases numerous pesticides into the air. And growing plants in your backyard means fewer vehicles transporting groceries, which in turn means less air pollution.

ECO Message from MEC17 Jacqueline Marsh

If you can't tell what I'm looking at this photo, I'm actually staring at a tiny bee amongst the flowers. Bees are essential to the human food supply, so what can we do to protect them? Let's start by planting bee friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden, don't use chemicals and pesticides to treat your garden, and buy local raw honey.